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Bryan Lindenberger - Communications, Outreach, Advocacy

What is the Dunning-Kruger Effect and how does it influence your next job interview or self-evaluatino?
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Currently seeking communications and outreach opportunities

Higher eduction and nonprofit in particular benefit from a cost-effective, communications based approach to getting the word out. I earned my MA in Communications in 2010 and have a solid 15 year history in communications with 6 years of experience in higher education and non-nonprofit. Contract work has included research for grants, focus group development and analysis, content for marketing, and much more. You benefit with cost-effective, positive impact.

See my résumé and services page or recent clients. I am particularly interested in opportunities in New Mexico and Arizona where I love the scenery, the weather, and where I have wonderful family waiting for me.

What do I actually ... do?

I've served as a program coordinator and project director with a Natonal Science Foundation program for students with disabilities, and as a communications and outreach specialist and contractor. My career path looks like this:

Royal TypewriterCreative writing >> feature articles and journalism >> ghostwriting >> business planning, grant research and development >> content writing, social media, and web >> event planning and coordination >> marketing, communications, and outreach packages

My résumé and services page and PDF cover work history and education - as a whole, I mean to move my career path back toward outreach and advocacy and have a particular interest in assisting underrepresented populations with work and educational goals.

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