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Bryan Lindenberger

You may find your nonprofit, college, or grant funded program better served by a communications rather than a marketing approach, and it can help you build better teams as well.

My roles as project director, communications specialist, and program recruiter have included a successful blend of event coordination, digital communications, survey development and coding, grant research and writing, qualitative data analysis, student mentoring, feature writing and press releases, team building including teams of persons with disabilities, and an "ON" switch in recruitment settings that gets results.

I seek to further integrate these and other skills into a dynamic, cost-effective communications approach for the right organization.

LinkedIn Pulse

For a better sense of my team management style and fit for your company, see my recent articles at LinkedIn pulse and follow me there.

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Who needs assistance with communications strategy and implementation?

You do. Higher eduction, business and nonprofit all can benefit from a more cost-effective, communications based approach. See my services page or recent clients.

What do you actually ... do?

I've asked that question many times of colleagues and associates. If by the third time all I get back is jargon, I step aside. My career path looks like this:

Royal TypewriterCreative writing >> feature articles and journalism >> ghostwriting >> business planning, grant research and development >> content writing, social media, and web >> event planning and coordination >> marketing, communications, and outreach packages

My résume page and PDF cover work history and education - both of which miss the little details like signing up more people in a recruitement drive in 2 hours than 20 or so people did in a week. I don't mind making an ass of myself, having fun, or being wrong. I consistently test INTJ, but never mistake "introverted" for "shy." I enjoy meeting people to fill out my surveys almost as much as I enjoy developing them ... just so long as I get to go back to my cave afterward to analyze the results.

To work with me, contact

See who likes my work at LinkedIn.

A note on technologies used

Prospective clients and employers often ask what technologies I use for marketing and communications. I quote Darth Vader from Star Wars, Episode IV, 1977:

Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

It's like asking if someone can use a paintbrush. Anyone can, but is it to paint a masterpiece or a fence? Too often, creative output falls on the person who "knows how to do" InDesign or some other creative software. But these are simply tools, and it's what someone can do with them that matters.

I am up on many consumer technologies and happy to work with your choices and recommend others to enhance organization, productivity, and creative output.


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