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Bryan Lindenberger

I am a story writer. Marketing gurus talk about "telling a story" but that's something I've done since age 7. I have since had over 400 feature stories and articles published in books, consumer magazines, and newspapers. This approach has helped me with finding meaningful, narrative threads in analysis of qualitative data, such as developing and coding focus group sessions and in marketing strategy.

Who needs assistance with digital communications strategy?

You do. Higher eduction, business and nonprofit all can benefit from optimized, quality content and digital stratagy. See my services page or recent clients.

What kind of assistance will I receive?

My career track in marketing and communications looks like this:

Creative writing >> feature articles and journalism >> ghostwriting >> business planning, grant research and development >> content writing, social media, and web >> event planning and coordination >> marketing, communications, and outreach packages

I developed skills in conducting great interviews; event planning and management; team creation and leadership; survey and focus group development, implentation, coding, and analysis; business planning and research; working with designers, engineers, IT, and other experts; teaching and mentorship for underrepresented populations including students with disabilities for STEM field recruitment; traveling light; and making killer chili.

Royal Typewriter

I've worked with New Mexico State University, Disney Television Studios, Western Nebraska Community College, the Hypothesis Group, Veterans Upward Bound, the Trauma Center Association of America, America Magazine, Chile River Farms, Mesilla Valley Business Journal and other newspapers, DAW / Venus or Vixen / Alyson and other book publishers, public figures in both politics and entertainment (difference, much?) and dozens more. To work with me, contact

See who likes my work at LinkedIn.

A note on technologies used

Prospective clients and employers often ask what technologies I use for marketing and communications. I quote Darth Vader from Star Wars, Episode IV, 1977:

Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

It's like asking if someone can use a paintbrush. Anyone can, but is it to paint a masterpiece or a fence? Too often, creative output falls on the person who "knows how to do" InDesign or some other creative software. But these are simply tools, and it's what someone can do with them that matters.

I am up on many consumer technologies and happy to work with your choices and recommend others to enhance organization, productivity, and creative output.


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